Why Your Sweetie Deserves the Upgraded iPod Touch


If the good folks who work for Apple company have anything to say about it, the new iPod Touch is likely to be a very popular product to give and receive as a gift. Those who follow cutting edge technology news are well-aware that plenty of research and development is put into quality improvement for these bestselling personal-sized audio/video playback devices. This electronic device is recognizable by its cool touch screen feature that enables you to literally point and dial up your choice of media instantly. Before we review some of the many reasons why the iTouch makes a great gift, let’s take a look at its features:
If you want to get familiar with the newest upgrades, then you have to look no further than a list of the upgrades for the iPhone 4. Funny enough, the latest generation of this digital music plater has been described as an iPhone without the phone. The new design is thinner than its predecessors, has a new and improved pixelated Retina display for awesome clarity when watching your favorite TV shows or music videos, and interestingly enough, you’ll also find a camera on the front and the back. So now you can take pictures and record video with your digital MP3 player. You can also use FaceTime, the application that allows you to chat in real time with video, with other new iTouch and iPhone4 users. It is definitely not an overstatement to say that the coolness factor has earned this digital MP3 player its stake among the most wished for items on Amazon gift wish lists.
If your loved one has constant complaints about the lack of storage and battery life for their current digital music player, then the upgraded iPod Touch would make an awesome gift. If they are new to the world of digital Mp3 players (and believe it or not, many people have never owned one), one of its advantages include the fact that you no longer have to purchase albums in person. Instead, download iTunes on your computer, purchase the individual songs that you want to hear, and they are instantly downloadable right into your player. Not only that, but the capabilities for video playback are among its favorite features. You can also download your favorite Friends or Grey’s Anatomy episodes or even your own top 10 list of best movies from the ’90s.
No matter how much an overzealous salesperson tried to convince you, the new iPod touch is not a good gift idea for everyone. Quite obviously, if you have a iPhone 4 you don’t really need this digital MP3 player, as many of the features are duplicated across models. But if your significant other could benefit from the convenience of instantaneous access to the music and videos that they love, then they would surely appreciate unwrapping this gift.

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