What makes Aran sweaters so great


Ever since the last century, it seems like the whole world got obsessed with Aran sweaters. Fashion magazines have put them on their covers, models have been wearing them on the runway, and celebrities have been seen wearing one many times. But what exactly is it that makes these sweaters so great?

Tradition and history

To start off, let’s find out how and why were Aran sweaters created and what exactly has changed ever since. These sweaters were first created at the beginning of the 20th century on the Aran Islands, hence the name. They’re also called Irish or fishermen sweaters, as they were originally knitted for the fishermen of the island who went into the sea and had to endure low temperatures, high humidity, and the harsh winds. They were made of untreated local wool, which made them itchy and coarse, but highly protective and very warm. Women on the Aran Islands hand-knitted all of the sweaters and decorated them with traditional stitching; in fact, the legend says that every family had its own patterns that would distinguish the fishermen from the others in case of his death. You can find more about the history and significance of Aran sweaters, as well as shop for these beautiful garments right from your home in online shops as  https://www.tarairishclothing.com/


These days, Aran sweaters are not made of 100% wool anymore, as this fabric, although great, is not too comfortable to the skin, is heavyweight, and difficult to take care of. Instead, companies that produce them opt for natural fabrics like Alpaca, cashmere, lamb, and, the best of them all, Merino wool. It has all the benefits of the regular wool, but is lightweight, breathable and way more pleasant to wear in your everyday life. Merino wool is considered to be the favorite fabrics of the travelers, because not only it offers a natural UV protection, but it also is odor repellent, which makes it more comfortable to wear on a long trip without causing any discomfort for you or anyone else who happens to be in your close proximity. Another benefit that makes it perfect for traveling is that Merino wool helps regulate the body temperature so that the clothing made of Merino can be worn both in the freezing cold and in tropical countries.


Lastly, for those of us who don’t travel 300 days a year and are looking for something comfy and cozy to wear to work or school, Aran sweaters are still the perfect garment to have in your wardrobe. Thanks to their unique design and traditional stitches, they’re easy to pair with almost any bottom that you own in order to make a practical, but still beautiful outfit. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a fishermen sweater will make a wonderful addition to your closet and will help you elevate your style. They also come in lots of fits and designs, so you can choose a classic crew-neck one, a turtleneck sweater, a more sporty half zip, or a distinctive shawl neck jumper. Great when worn with jeans, trousers, skirts, and even worn above dresses, such a sweater is one of the smartest inventions one can make.

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