What Everyone Will Be Wearing to Festivals This Year


If you have been anticipating festival season as much as we have, chances are you have already been on the search for the perfect festival outfit. Festival fashion is the best time of year to venture into the unknown and step outside of your style comfort zone. The many trends that we have been seeing this year are certainly making a statement. They are much different than the typical neon and crochet outfits we are so accustomed to. No matter where you are partying this year, whether you are going to a festival in your hometown or flying overseas for the festivals of the year, make sure that you have at least one of these items of clothing we are suggesting.


For festival styles this year, we are prioritizing comfort and practicality. What’s better than having a cute top and shorts in one? Introducing the unitards, some of the best fashion outfits we are seeing at festivals this year. Despite sounding so boring, unitards are the ultimate style addition to have this year. They can be easily dressed up or down using a belly chain and some stomping boots, or make it casual with a denim jacket and some comfy trainers to support you in dancing the night away.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a must-have for festivals this year. They are so unique yet so universal for styling with so many different styles. Last year we saw a surge of the ‘space cowgirl’ look, but now we have eased out of the excessive sparkle and chrome, and instead are encouraging the country with a simple pair of cowboy boots. Not only do they look great but they are also helpful to prevent your feet from being trodden on!

Concho Belts

Concho belts have made an unexpected style resurface. Originally worn by native americans back in the 1900s, concho belts are now the must-have accessory for festival season. Consider pairing your concho belt with any of your outfits to make them much more interesting and eye-catching.

Corset Tops

Corset tops have been a must-have item since we escaped from the Covid lockdown back in 2021. Corsets are now worn by so many for all genres of occasions, but for festival season corsets are being paired with denim shorts and cargo trousers for the ultimate cool girl look.

Denim Shorts

Speaking of denim shorts, they are also a festival must-have if you are looking for a piece of clothing that can be used to create multiple festival-fit looks. Bag yourself a pair of denim shorts if you are going to a multi-day festival.


If you are looking for an effortless look this festival season, consider wearing a swimsuit! Yes, that’s right, many festival goers are now wearing their swimsuits with a pair of sorts or cargo trousers to create a great look. There are so many detailed swimsuits that are just as beautiful as some of the festival tops you can find today. Often, it is not even noticeable that they are swimsuits, so it’s an easy fashion win!

Bottom line

Overall, festival fashion is about expressing your unique style and wearing outfits you wouldn’t usually wear on a day-to-day basis. Get creative, but also get clothing that can be universal for other outfits.

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