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Ram Mount – The Gadget Mounting System You Can’t Ride Without

Mounting electronic gadgets on your motorcycle is about adding functionality in a safe way that does not compromise the look of your motorcycle or interfere with any aspect of riding the motorcycle. Long distance motorcycle riders often need GPS assistance and may want to use a CB or radar detector. With so many different motorcycles and so many different electronic gadgets how do you find a mount that fits your bike and your gadget? Ram Mount has a solution that just works!
Until you have held a Ram Mount kit in your hands it is confusing. What parts do you need and how does it work? But as soon as you have held one and played with one it all makes sense. Their patented 2-ball design is ridiculously simple, yet beautiful. Ram Mount uses a ball fixed on the motorcycle and a ball-holder assembly on the device plus an “arm” …

Lincoln Man Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct, Using Credit Card Without Consent

The definition of credit card is a bit of plastic with imprinted numbers that is used as payment instead of cash. I plan to proceed using the Apple Card, although its rewards aren’t as good as different cards. Its contracts with Goldman defend you from some financial institution surveillance capitalism. Apple Card also doesn’t work with nosy apps like Mint — you need to access your account details via the app on your iPhone.

By default, your Radar rules is not going to request 3D Secure authentication for this card. pm_card_threeDSecureOptionalProcessingError Supported 3D Secure authentication may still be carried out, however is not required. However, makes an attempt to perform 3D Secure end in a processing error. pm_card_visa Supported 3D Secure is supported for this card, but this card is not enrolled in 3D Secure. This means that if 3D Secure is requested by your Radar guidelines, the shopper won’t …