Tablet PC Reviews For New Gadgets


The newest technological fad to hit the market place is that of tablet computers. When you require a device to play media or record information, but do not want to pay the extra several hundred dollars for a laptop, a tablet PC may be the best option available to you. Most tablet computers cost only two to five hundred dollars, making them half or even a quarter less expensive than their laptop and desktop cousins. Many tablet PC reviews have come in since their inception over the past few years, most of which claiming that they are excellent budget buys even if they cannot match the processing power of a full blooded laptop computer.
Perhaps the most popular tablet review coming to everyone’s minds of late has been Apple’s trendy new product, the iPad. Many technology columnists called to this tablet review have mocked the fact that the iPad could be confused for an oversized iPhone. While it does in fact appear to be a larger version of the Apple product, the iPad has far more uses and programs available to it. Capable of being held in one hand and only weighing a pound and a half, it is one of the smallest tablets out there. One tablet PC review said the iPad goes beyond simple mechanics with split screens, touch and hold, and individual tool bars for programs. All told, it is a complex model at a high cost.
A review of tablet PCs has to include the DEVICE computer, which at only one hundred eighty dollars is the cheapest buy out there. This computer, however, can literally do nothing but run the Internet and Microsoft office, with almost no room for storage. If you are looking for the bare bones, this is the hand held option for you.

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