PowerMat – Is PowerMat For You Or Not?


PowerMat is an exciting new technology that automatically charges your cellphone, Nintendo DS and other gadgets for you wirelessly.
Here’s how you use PowerMat:

You drop your gadget on PowerMat as you come in the door, or as you go to bed
Magnets in the PowerMat pull your gadget from wherever you dropped it into 3 dedicated charging slots
PowerMat checks the battery state of your device, and then starts charging it
PowerMat uses wireless charging / cordless charging by sending the power through the air using magnetic induction (similar to how some cordless electric toothbrushes are charged)
Optional lights and sounds tell you the battery and charging state
When the gadget is fully charged, PowerMat shuts off to save power
Sounds great – but is PowerMat for you?
Yes if:

You regularly use compatible gadgets, such as iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry cellphone or Nintendo DS
You are fed up with having loads of chargers and wires around the place
You like to have your gadgets ready to use whenever you need them (no more run down cellphone or dead Nintendo)
You do not mind modifying your gadgets to use PowerMat
You have the money to spend on neat gadgets that just make life a little easier or more fun
Maybe not if:

You cannot see what all the fuss is about – charging is not hard
You do not want to modify your gadgets to use PowerMat
You only have one or two gadgets anyway, so would never need to charge more than one at a time
You have an iPod or iPhone and just spent money on a new cover for it – so you do not want to buy another cover to use with PowerMat
You think PowerMat is not worth the money

In all cases your gadgets need to be modified to work with PowerMat:

An iPod or iPhone needs a special PowerMat compatible cover
A BlackBerry cellphone needs a PowerMat receiver in place of its battery
A Nintendo DS needs a special clip-on base

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