Keep Your Phone Protected With iPhone Cover


An iPhone does not usually come cheap and as such, it may make sense to do everything possible to ensure you protect yourself financially against the worst possible scenarios of accidental damage, theft and breakdown. iPhone cover may be a solution as typical cover may offer some or all of the following benefits, subject to the individual policy terms and conditions. Cover may include protection against:
breakdown outside the manufacturer’s warranty period;
accidental damage.
Bear in mind that exclusions and limitations will generally apply and features and benefits including terms and conditions as well as price will vary from provider to provider. Therefore, it is important to always ensure that you are buying the cover that is most suitable for your needs. Also, do note that you may be liable for a policy excess if you make a successful claim.
Theft of your iPhone will always be a risk and keeping it out of sight of others and taking preventative measures may help lessen the risk of it being stolen.
However, should disaster strike and your phone is stolen, if you have gadget insurance, a policy will usually assist with the costs associated with replacement (which can be made within as little as 48 hours of making a successful claim with some policies).
iPhone malfunction
Your new iPhone comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which typically covers the phone against defects for a certain period of time. While you will expect your phone to provide you with several years’ of trouble free use, occasionally things may go wrong – and often outside after the manufacturers’ warranty period has expired!
Some iPhone cover insurance policies will provide a replacement or repair in cases of breakdown like these.
Accidental damage
Here are some typical scenarios that may cause accidental damage or destruction of your iPhone and which may work out costly if you do not have iPhone cover to rely on:
A� you are taking your iPhone out of your pocket and it slips through your fingers, crashing to the floor where it shatters and breaks;
A� your iPhone is sitting on the kitchen table in your home when your dog jumps up knocking the phone to floor and it breaks;
A� your phone slips out of your pocket in the street hitting the pavement;
A� you trip when out shopping and your phone is damaged during the fall.
The above are all examples of events that may lead to accidental damage of your iPhone. Without iPhone cover, repairs or replacement of your iPhone may have to come out of your own pocket.
Any of the above mishaps may be classed as accidental damage by your gadget insurance policy provider in which case it may repair or replace your iPhone. However, it is important to check the provider’s terms and conditions before taking on the policy to understand what exactly is and isn’t covered, as the above list are examples of what some providers may cover. Cosmetic damage for instance will typically not be included within an iPhone cover policy.

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