The Next 20 Things To Immediately Do About Online Shop

Many have lost their jobs during the pandemic. But these difficult times also force the entrepreneurial spirit of people to look for new ideas to make money. Those of you who want to start a business may be confused because you don’t have experience or lack of capital. But of course that shouldn’t be a barrier. Christina Lie, the founder of 101red distributor site, also gave some tips.
Before building a 101red distributor site for dropshipping system resellers, Christina had tried various types of businesses. He has been in the online shop business to play trading. Based on her experience, Christina wants to help others to start a business. For young people who may not have much capital, he suggests selling with a dropshipping system.

Dropshipping is a business model where a person sells goods that are taken or made by another party. It is said that this system business opportunity is being of interest lately because of the lack of capital and risk. According to Christina, this method can also be used as learning material to learn the art of doing business online.

“The dropshipping business is in high demand again because the capital and risks for online business are minimal. Therefore, we can learn what sells more so when we want to stock up, we already know what is more in demand and when we want to make our own products we also know what to make and what to do. can know how much you need to make, “he said.

One type of product that he recommends is beauty. According to Christina, the trend of beauty products always tends to increase, even though during the pandemic, sales of makeup have decreased slightly by 10{40778e52b7835c4e9e01f50184ac0465d116816c5b81e1e85438069c23bdfddd}. However, for skincare, there has been an increase since the beginning of social distancing. The Next 20 Things To Immediately Do About Online Shop.

The Next 20 Things To Immediately Do About Online Shop

Another tip for starting a business that Christina ordered is to expand the distribution channels. It is recommended to enter products into the marketplace and use social media to market them. “Maximize the use of hashtags and take advantage of online motorcycle taxis for delivery, in essence, increase the number of shops so that they are easy to find,”

No longer selling goods, Christina also gave an idea for young people to start a content creator agency business or social media. “Recently, many offline businesses have gone online. Usually those aged 40 years and over don’t understand playing social media for sales. Whether for photos, video testimonials, advertisements,”

He also reminded the importance of research rather than relying on assumptions when starting a business. “And don’t assume too much if this will be lonely or not selling. More often I look at research (for example through google trends) so talk about data,”