How to Shop Online for Beginners


The internet has long been a medium for sellers and buyers to meet and carry out buying and selling transactions, both in small quantities (retail parties) and large (wholesales). For old players may have mastered the ins and outs of online business from a to z, but for beginners may need a guide for how to trade and sell on the internet that saves millions of opportunities and risks.

At present, there are several ways or steps that can be taken in shopping online. This is very important to avoid you from cyber crimes when shopping online such as fraud or shipping errors. Especially if you are a layman who has never done transactions online.

How to Shop Online

How to Shop Online for Beginners
  1. Buyers come and look at the products sold by the seller.
  2. The buyer contacts the seller to ask questions or confirm.
  3. The buyer sends or transfers an amount of money to the seller, then reports after the money is successfully sent.
  4. Seller sends goods ordered by the buyer and informs the buyer if they have successfully sent the product.
  5. Buyer confirms to the seller if the goods have been received and the contents are checked.
  6. Addition: If the selected transaction method is COD (cash on delivery) then the seller and buyer will meet somewhere. The buyer will see and check the seller’s product directly and pay for it if the buyer likes it (numbers 3 to 5 do not apply).

Important Requirements for Online Shopping

  • Courage and Firmness Determine Clients

We must be able to determine whether a seller or buyer is a con artist or not, serious or not in conducting transactions. When the decision has been taken then we must dare to accept all the consequences and risks. To reduce the risk we can study the history of our opponents on the internet. If many complaints from other internet users, it means that the red light is on. 

  • Buy and Sell Media

Certainly the seller needs a product to be offered and a website or blog to peddle and explain the product being sold. The buyers are certainly just looking to see which products will be purchased and not. There are many ways to offer products online, we just choose what suits us. All methods and options for transactions must be clearly explained.

  • Telecommunications Media

Telephone, email, sms, social networking site messaging features, online messengers, irc chat, etc. can be used to connect with clients. A good and healthy transaction is where the seller and buyer communicate first before the transaction occurs (buyer to seller), after payment occurs (seller and buyer), after delivery occurs (seller to buyer) and after the item has been received by the buyer (buyer to seller).

  • Payment Methods and Tools The

seller must prepare the way for the buyer to make payments either by bank account transfer, credit card, online digital payment, cash on delivery, or others. The seller must be able to accept payment techniques that are common and not difficult for consumers in making payment transactions. The buyer must be ready to have a payment instrument that can be accepted by the seller when the sale and purchase transaction occurs. To get the flexibility of payment methods beyond existing, between the seller and the buyer can communicate negotiations.

  • Shipping Methods and Tools

Buyers need to include a clear and complete address to where the goods will be sent by the seller. Do not let the goods sent stray to other addresses or unknown so that hamper the transaction. The seller must also choose a shipping service (courier) that is good and can be trusted.  I’ve had problems with insomnia for long. I put it down to stress and nervous work. But, as it turned out, insomnia appeared due to hyperthyroidism of the thyroid gland. This is a disease where the thyroid secretes too many hormones. Ambien helps me to normalise my sleep. I take only 1 pill within an hour before going to bed, as recommended at and get a good sleep. It perfectly leads in bounced back the biological clock. Due to its help, I wake up 10-15 minutes before an alarm clock. It can also be the seller who comes directly to the buyer’s address if possible (cash on delivery method). From the beginning, before the transaction, the seller must be able to determine the postage that will be charged to the buyer or borne by himself.

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