How To Get Blackberry Insurance


Are you looking for blackberry insurance? Unfortunately, this kind of cover does not occur to some blackberry owners until it is too late. They may assume that their manufacturer’s warranty goes on forever, and or that it somehow covers the other things that you may expect from an insurance policy.
However, without blackberry insurance you may not be covered for:
– when your phone gets stolen;
– when your phone gets covered in coffee by accidental damage;
– when your phone breaks down outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period; and
– when your data disappears and you need backup.
Cover for accidental loss may be available as an additional extra.
Buying your cover
As with any other kind of cover, you may wish to look for the most competitive deal for your blackberry insurance. The information that an insurer may typically need to know in order to give you a quote may include the make, age and model of your blackberry, and perhaps how much you paid for it.
Sometimes it is tempting to draw up a list of premiums and just pay for the cheapest one. However, it may be worth reviewing the policy documents in some detail and making a judgment on who offers the most comprehensive cover.
For example, issues you may wish to take into account may include whether the cover on offer is worldwide and how long the insurer may take to replace your precious blackberry should anything happen to it. At first glance, you may feel that these are just dry details to check in an insurance policy. However, if you take your blackberry abroad and have it stolen and find yourself waiting days for a replacement, you may regret not investigating the issue more fully.
Other issues to consider
Other things to take into account when discriminating between policies may include how easy to follow the claims procedure is. When you think about it, if something terrible has just happened to your phone, the last thing you may feel like doing maybe filling in a twenty page form. Accordingly, you may wish to check whether your chosen insurer may consider accepting claims by telephone.
As with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.
Finally, while you are thinking about blackberry insurance, have you considered what may happen if any of your other gadgets suffered a similar misfortune? If you have a camera, laptop or other portable electronic gadget, you may wish to investigate getting it added to your gadget cover.

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