Gift Idea – Zippo Hand Warmer


The Zippo hand warmer appears to be hot in every sense of the word. It is pleasing to the eye and gives off enough heat to warm your hands instantly when the temperature outside starts to be uncomfortable. Compared to other types of hand warmers in the market, the warmer produces more than ten times as much heat. That is plenty of Joules at your disposal. You will surely love the clean lines and sleek design of the stylish hand warmer. Your friends will think that you are cool, too.
I wish I had the Zippo warmer when we went to Washington, D.C. a couple of years ago. Trust me; the cold can really ruin a perfectly great vacation. I remember feeling like a thousand needles were piercing my hands every time I touched the outside of the truck to unload our stuff. For someone like me and many others, who are unaccustomed to the cold, even a pair of gloves is not enough to comfort our hands. However, with the Zippo warmer, anyone including myself would have been a happy, and warm, camper.
The nice thing about the warmer is that it produces heat even without a burning flame; so, you can hold it in your pocket or inside a glove without fear of burning something. Just be sure to use its protective warming bag because the Zippo hand warmer could get really, really hot against your skin.
Judging from its appearance, I feel that the Zippo hand warmer is very convenient to carry around with you. I think anyone will agree that it is thin and light. The Zippo hand warmer weighs in at only 272g. This is the perfect companion to your lighter. With this device, nothing can stand between the outdoors and you.

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