Fun and Helpful USB Gadgets For Your Office


It wasn’t long ago when nobody even knew what a USB port was or what to do with it. Now you’ll be able to plug almost anything into a USB port from a simple flash drive to a remote controlled robot. Although things like printers and keyboards may be plugged into a USB port you will find also some silly and impractical things that require a USB plug. It is possible to hardly walk into an office with out seeing some sort of USB gadget on someone’s desk, which typically reflects that person’s personality.
One of probably the most common things to plug into a USB port is a flash drive. Flash drives have evolved to hold an amazingly huge quantity of data and come in numerous shapes and forms. Since they are so tiny they’re usually simple to lose unless they come with some sort of method of attaching them to some thing or making them noticeable. The 2 GB Key Flash Drive is a best example of a USB gadget that you will not lose. It’s simple to upload all of your favorite media files or even critical documents at a rate of 30 MB per second. And when you have to take it with you the Key Flash Drive has a convenient key ring that can attach to your keys, which needless to say you will never lose.
The USB Flash Lighter is an additional flash drive which will be easy to keep close, specially for those that often carry a lighter in their pocket. Designed to look just like a chrome-finished lighter it really functions as 1 too. With the flip of a lid along with the flick of the lighter you’ll have a flame that will be adjusted. Then with the slide of a button you are able to push out the USB connector to hook it to your PC and download up to 8 GB of data.
Another useful USB gadget which will probably find its approach to most people’s desks is the USB Heated Mug. There’s hardly a person in the world that does not get pleasure from a hot cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea to sip although they work. Nevertheless it could be really frustrating to have the cup of liquid turn cold after only a little even though. This stainless steel mug will maintain your drink warm all day when you plug it into your PC via the USB port, and it will generally be just a few inches away. The USB Heated Mug holds 16 ounces of your favorite drink and even has a spill-proof lid.

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