Free Motorola DROID – Here’s How to Get One

Most people think it’s impossible to get free gadgets such as the Motorola DROID or the new iPhone 4 but let me tell you that such “hard to believe” offers are not scams and, in the end, the only people who end up being sorry are the ones who didn’t take advantage. I will teach you how to get the Motorola DROID for free with just a tiny amount of work (if you can even call it that).
A lot of people across the U.S. get free stuff for taking part in various programs that help companies determine whether or not a certain product or service is ready to hit the market or not. A lot of these companies are software manufacturers that produce applications for mobile devices such as the DROID. Besides the testing done in the lab by software engineers these companies also like to get the opinions of regular people. That’s because what looks easy for the software engineer might prove to be too complicated and virtually unusable for the average consumer.
You too can take part in a software testing program. And if it sounds difficult then let me tell you it’s not. That’s because you won’t have to test software from a technical point of view. All you will have to do is see whether or not the application is easy to use and practical on a daily basis. That’s why you won’t need any kind of previous experience or references to take part in a testing program. The whole thing usually lasts for about a week.
The software company will provide you with a Motorola DROID which has their application installed on it and ask you to use it only when you need it, just like the average consumer would. The best part is that the testing won’t interfere with your daily schedule or day job as everything is done from home. At the end of the testing period you will have to provide the company with your honest feedback on their product and, as a reward for your services, you will get to keep the phone you’ve just tested for free. It’s fun and easy and I don’t think you should skip such an opportunity.