Fitness Gadgets in Time for Holiday Gift Giving


Thinking of what to get others during the holiday season, or answering the question yourself of what you’d like from friends and family can be difficult. Getting into shape and staying fit is one of the most popular goals made these days. With advances in technology, there are plenty of amazing gadgets that help you do just that. Over the past year there have been some incredible new fitness gadgets that have been produced to help you more effectively stay on track with your health resolutions. If you’re looking for something to give a friend or relative, or even something to put on your own wish list, here is a list of some awesome fitness gadgets just in time for holiday gift giving.
Nike+ FuelBand- While other original Nike bands were designed solely for runners, this latest fitness gadget is for anyone who likes to stay active and see the results of their workout. Whether you like to play sports, lift weights or go for walks, the Nike+ FuelBand collects all kinds of information about your fitness routine. This highly technical gadget can gauge calories burned, steps taken and overall movement which you can then transfer to the Nike+ website of even upload wirelessly directly to your iPhone.
Fitbit Aria- This is definitely not your typical bathroom scale. This new fitness gadget reads much more than just your body weight; it can calculate your amount of body fat as well as your BMI (body mass index). This information can then be wirelessly transmitted to your computer and saved so you can track your weight loss goals and progression. You can also create separate Fitbit accounts for each family member, and connect with other dieters online as well.
BodyMedia CORE Armband- Fitness armbands are nothing new, however this new fitness gadget can do a lot more than a regular one. You wear the BodyMedia CORE Armband on your upper arm throughout the day, and it uses four different sensors to track various things. These sensors record information about the rate at which heat is leaving your body, your skin temperature, your galvanic skin response to your workout as well as your overall motion. The four metrics measured by this piece of fitness equipment can together calculate the calories you burn throughout the day, and even tell you about your sleeping patterns at night. This can help with all different kinds of health and fitness goals, as well as letting you monitor all of the activity it records by sending it to an online account.
Striiv- The amount of regular activity you perform throughout the day and the amount of steps you take are both important factors to be aware of when trying to stay healthy. This small and sleek pedometer is a perfect fitness gadget to record how much you do throughout each day. The coolest part about the Striiv pedometer is that it is connected to a gaming platform through which you participate in a series of different challenges, and as this article describes, can help you in competing with other users to raise money for different charities. Miles walked, minutes spent active during the day and number of stairs climbed are all measurements taken by the Striiv.
Basis Band- One thing every fitness junkie needs is a wrist watch that can record their activity. The Basis Band is a device that measures heart rate, galvanic skin response and body temperature to calculate calories burned. It then uses cloud technology to connect that information straight to your computer. With this uploaded information, you can compare the amount of calories you burned with different goals you previously set, as well as see how your heart rate changed throughout the day as you moved. Cool!
Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer- Another Fitbit product aimed at keeping you healthy is this small gadget that you can wear comfortably all day long. The accelerometer device tracks your movement and then transmits the information wirelessly to a USB receiver plugged into your computer. The device then sends all of that tracked information to the FitBit website where you can view it and your activity statistics. You can view graphs and charts to track the progress of your fitness routine and goals.

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