Featuring Kindle DX: The Revolutionary Way to Read


There is still so much to say about Kindle DX, itA�s been a little more than 3 years since the first model, today, it is the most wanted gadget on electronics market, and it has become a personal companion device as well as a professional stand tool for business people. Of course Kindle DX holds many features, a ticket that has warranted its popularity and here they stand:
— A larger size on the kindle family (9.7 inch display screen)
— Storage space holds 3,500 books (4GB)
— E Ink electronic paper display (high contrast and sharpest images)
— An internal PDF reader
— Free Whisper net wireless technology (3G capability throughout the world, high-speed network to download, No need internet connection to reach Kindle Store)
— A read-to-me function which allows your kindle to read out your favorite newspaper, magazine, book or blog.
— Bookmark and place notes using QWERTY keyboard.
— A few more extras! Built in Dictionary, a web browser, direct access to Wikipedia and Audible, a back-up library of all owned books at , and an mp3 player to hear your music while reading.
These features are just an indisputable weight ratio from which the Kindle DX has acquired a revolutionary boom, not to mention that Kindle Wireless Reader Device ascribed to its singularity as a replacement of several types of prints in one single device. I would like to add, within the revolutionary context an aspect we cannot dismiss, and that is a havoc spread out within the newspaper industry related directly to the presence of Amazon Kindle DX on the market and its repercussions, in short it has affected the way how we read news, and how is delivered even before it hit the newsstand at the local store, lowering traditional subscriptions, budget cuts, lay off workforce, minimize sections on publications. It has influence the production behavior and distribution channels of many newspaper publishers, as an example New York Times has laid itself towards the kindle digital way to manage subscriptions along with The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune to mention a few of them.
One thing that attracted my attention was the mission statement Amazon is holding for the future of kindle readers: “to have every book ever written, in every language in 60 seconds from anywhere on earth”, the near and long future for e-readers is laid, then I think this slogan would suit very well the kindle reader device missionary statement: if you have a Kindle you will have them all (all publications), I must said, Would not you?

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