Electronic Pet Feeder


If you often find yourself having to work late or can not always be home at the same time to make sure your cat or dog is being fed consistently, you will feel much better if you can use an Electronic Pet Feeder. Every time you worry about your poor dog or cat at home hungrily awaiting his supper, having one of these handy gadgets will put your mind at ease and make Fido or Tabby happy as well. You can go hours without worrying about your pets at home getting the nutrition they need.
While there are many types of electronic pet feeders available, one in particular is the The Precise Portion Electronic Pet Feeder. This model will hold up to ten pounds of dry pet food in its tank. Depending on the size of your animal you may need to fill it anywhere from once a week to once every other day. Once it is full, all you need to do is set it to the exact amounts you want it to dispense and how many times a day.
The pet feeder can dispense your pet’s food one to three times a day and can be programmed in 1/4 cup increments. Your pets will never over eat because an electronic pet feeder will only dispense what you tell it too. And your beloved pets will still get to eat even when you’re not there. Then on those mornings when you find yourself frantically getting ready for work or just forget to fill the food dish you’ll know this feeder will take care of it for you. One of these pet feeders might also be handy to have if you have a dog or cat with health problems that needs to be kept on a strict, portion-controlled diet because you know it will always dispense precise amounts.
The Precise Portion Feeder does feature an electronic LCD display right on the food tray, however this feature may vary depending on the model. The display requires three D batteries and is very easy to read and program. The food tray is dishwasher safe as well. Keep your pets healthy and happy even when you can’t be there every hour. Just don’t forget to fill the feeder once it starts getting low.

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