Electronic Gadgets Sales Hints: Using Google Suggest For Better Listing Titles


When it comes down to it there are two parts to getting a customer to actually buying your merchandise online and offline. Getting them to notice that you actually exist and convincing them to put their hard earned money down to secure the products that you are selling.
The title is what will actually do that
Not only should you make titles that are structured precisely according to what the search engines favor as well as making titles with relevant keywords that people are actually looking for. Aside from that, you can make use of utensils such as Google Suggest to help you with the selection process and come up with a bestselling listing title.
Mistakes Online Retailers Make When Making Product Listing Titles
A great way to commence in your quest for good titles is to know and avoid the following online retailer mistakes when searching for great product listing titles:
* Failure to Research Keywords
There are some instances wherein the keywords you thought would be bestsellers and most appropriate for your products are not the style of words your prospective customers are using when searching for these kinds of products.
* Failure to Do Away with Irrelevant Words
Many people have the tendency of polluting their titles with irrelevant words that sounds good for them but have no value to their customers and would not even use during product searches.
* Failure to Use the Maximum Number of Characters
eBay allows users a maximum of 55 characters for your product title, so why not use them all? You paid for that advertisement place so it is just right to include as much relevant information or description along with the title as long as it fits the maximum space delegation.
* Failure to Follow Rules in Product Titles
Online stores such as eBay are strict about the accuracy of your titles and descriptions and would come down like a ton of bricks on anyone caught doing SBM or Search and Browse Manipulation when creating titles. Title descriptions such “like Apple” or “like brand New” are disingenuous and will appear in search results for people looking for “New” and genuine “Apple” products. Doing so would give you more chances of being shut down by eBay.
Other Mistakes Made by Sellers
Sometimes sellers forget to put text on their listing picture.
Adding simple descriptive text with your product picture will give potential customers an idea of what the image is all about and what product it represents. There is a more likely chance that potential buyers will click on a more representative picture than one that doesn’t stand out.
The Google Suggest Tool
Now that you know what mistakes you should avoid, it’s time to write the best titles for your product listings and the best tool to use is Google Suggest. For those who are not familiar with the term, Google has integrated the suggest tool with the standard search, offering search suggestions with information regarding the number of consequential pages for a particular suggested phrase or keyword.
This is a great tool to use when creating titles as you can gain an insight of what people are looking for exactly as they typed their search phrases in. The auto-complete suggestions provide more specific search terms that would narrow down a particular search as close as possible to what a user wants. For example, when typing in “spy camera” the Google tool will suggest auto-complete options like “spy camera with IR and DVR capabilities” or “spy camera with GPS and GSM”.
Using Google Suggest Tool to Get Great Product Listing Titles
The suggested auto-complete phrases provided by the Google Suggest tool will give you great ideas on what keywords or phrases you should include in your product titles. However, you should not just choose any suggestion that pops out from the box. You should also consider added elements in the search results such as the number of pages and the number of search results returned for that particular search phrase.
If a peculiar phrase or keyword has big numbers in terms of search results and pages, this is a clear indication that a big number of people are actually searching for and are interested in the keywords related to your products. There is a bigger chance that people are looking for and will eventually arrive at your product listing based on the good title you provided along with your listing. Search phrases that yield just a few search results is an indication that people are not looking for or are not aware of that peculiar keyword and presumably will not search for it – and so will your product.
Doing business online is all about traffic. The more people or traffic visiting your websites or product listing, the more probability you have of gaining potential clients and eventually purchasing customers. There are several tools available out there to assist you enhance search engine results but going back to basics and focusing on formulating a good title for your products using readily available tools such as Google Suggest can already bring you the gain you need.

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