How To Handle Every Online Shop Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

Living in the social media era, it seems that more and more people need recognition. Including the admission that they are rich. Evidently, a number of influencers buy designer empty shopping bags to show off on social media. The goal, of course, is to show off that they are buying designer clothes or bags.
As quoted from Input Mag, this is recognized by Sarah (not her real name), who is the owner of the online shop. He often gets requests from celebrities to buy empty shopping bags from high end brands such as Hermes boxes to Tiffany & Co.

Sarah who lives in the Philippines does sell fashion items from high-end designers. Ranging from leather bags, luxury watches to shoes. Sarah’s customers come from America, the Philippines, Macau, to Malaysia.

Sarah often gets caught by clients ordering Hermes shopping boxes and bags. At first Sarah thought that it was another …