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Corsets or also known as shapewear are increasingly known to many people, especially among women who want to have the perfect body shape. Reporting from Wikipedia, corsets have been around for 350 years and were first introduced in France. Initially, around the 1550s, the wife of King Henry II (King of France), namely Catherine de ‘Medici imposed a prohibition that women should not have a thick waist. At that time, women were required to wear corsets with straps and the corsets were made of stone or metal fragments. Can you imagine that the old corsets were a little more torturous than the various corsets available today?

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With the development of the era, in the 18th century, the use of corsets was not only specifically for slimming thick waists, but also for breast support and to make breasts more attractive. It is undeniable, using a corset can make the curves of the body more beautiful and when using any clothes it looks more fashionable.

Etymologically, the word girdle is taken from the word “Korps” (ancient French) which means small body, then from the Latin word “Corpus” which means body. (Quoted from wikipedia)

Today, various designs of corsets or also known as shapewear are created with one main function, namely being able to create a beautiful and ideal body shape for every woman who uses it. There are various shapes, from small to plus size shapewear. But over time, the use of corsets has grown and can be used for health. The following are some of the benefits of using a corset, quoted from many sources:

1. Shapewear for health

Have you ever had back pain? Quoted from Wikipedia, people who have spinal problems such as scoliosis can be helped by wearing a shapewear. Then for those who often feel achy back, using a shapewear can help relieve back pain. It’s different for Moms after giving birth, the use of a shapewear after giving birth in addition to slimming the stomach that was enlarged during pregnancy, it can also be used to help restore the shape of the uterus to what it was before pregnancy.

2. Helps beautify body posture

Who doesn’t want to have an hourglass shape? Well, using this shapewear can not only help shrink a sagging stomach, it can also support and beautify the shape of the breast. Regular use of shapewear is powerful enough to form a more beautiful posture. Currently, there are many types of shapewear, some are specifically used after giving birth, some can be used when wearing a dress, and some are used to help people with scoliosis. If you are looking for a best shapewear for women, you can also use a product from LoverBeauty

3. Other extra uses

Not only to meet fashion needs, shapewear can also be used for those who often experience slouched postures. This stooped posture could be out of habit, due to psychological problems such as lack of self-confidence, or because of an internal wound. According to experts from the site it is known that alcohol consumption during the treatment of Ativan increases the depressing effect on the central nervous system and can lead to the development of paradoxical reactions such as: psychomotor agitation, aggressive behavior. In addition, alcohol can increase the sedative effect of lorazepam, up to a coma. Now for internal wounds, if you feel unusual back pain, you should first consult this problem with your doctor and whether using shapewear can help. One more thing, using shapewear from Loverbeauty is also able to suppress excessive appetite because when using it, the stomach seems to be depressed and it feels like it feels full quickly.

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