9 Ways to Start an Online Business from Zero


Have you ever felt that the salary you get from the office is still not sufficient to meet your monthly needs? Even sometimes you have to nombok here and there to make ends meet?

If you feel this way every month, it is a sign that you need additional income.

The next question, what business or business can be done as a side job from your main job? There are actually many side business ideas, but one that is realistic enough you can start an online business.

Why is it realistic? Because you can do online business anytime and anywhere. This can be done during your spare time, while sitting on the bus or online motorcycle taxi to the office. For this reason, here I present ways to start an online business from scratch.

1. Get inspiration from friends or family

Before starting an online business, it’s a good idea to research what products people are looking for today. It can be trending or a product that is always needed by many people.

You can start this research when you get together with friends or family. Listen to what they often say about products that are currently being discussed.

Find out where you can find these sought-after products. Including getting suppliers who can provide the lowest prices.

You must understand the needs of the public at this early stage. Remember, the product that is sold later is what many people need. Not because you like it and then want to sell it.

2. Determine the products to be sold

You can also do research online by looking for keywords or keywords that are in high demand about a product (commonly called keyword research). The more people are looking for, it indicates that the product is in need.

But remember, the competition to sell it will definitely not be easy. Because there must be many people who also have the same thoughts. Therefore, think carefully about the products that you will sell as an income enhancer.

For that, you can just choose two types of products. The first one is trending. The second product is something that is long-time, never stale and is always needed by the community. As long as the price offered is quite competitive, then your sales will definitely have buyers.

3. Select a sales system

Luckily for you who live in today’s digital era. The digital or online world does facilitate many things in human life. Including getting products to then sell them again with an additional profit.

One of the sales systems that are now widely used by online businesses at the start of their business is to become a dropshiper. This system makes you not have to keep a stock of the items being sold. Let the main supplier or seller do it.

You only need to find a buyer, the delivery of goods becomes the business of the distributor. However, you still have to be careful in choosing a distributor that does have high credibility. Do not let you receive a lot of complaints due to the quality of goods that are not in accordance with what is being promoted.

4. Build a website

If you have a little capital at the start of the business, you may not choose the dropshipping system. You can choose to stock up until delivery of the goods yourself. This can indeed maintain and increase your credibility as a seller in the eyes of consumers.

For that, you must start building a website that becomes your storefront in the online world. Website is the center of your online business activity. It is also a storage place for customer data that you will definitely need one day.

By having a website, potential buyers can be presented with many choices of the products you sell. Including getting more detailed information about the product they want.

5. Open a social media network

After your website is live in cyberspace, now is the time to spread it. No matter how good and cool your website is, if not many people know, it means it’s useless.

Fortunately, this is the era of social media. You can do promotions through social media for free. Social media is the main choice as a means of promotion when you start an online business.

Create an account with the name of your online shop or website. Not only on one social media, but also in many variants. However, what is widely used in Indonesia today is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

We recommend that you also have a personal account on the three main social media. So that you can more easily disseminate information about products and websites that will be your land to get additional income.

6. Spread it on the marketplace

It’s not enough just through social media, you can also expand the product marketing area through the marketplace. Want to know an easier way to market your product? please visit the official website here 3 business day master class. It is very helpful for online businesses to find buyers.

When your website is not widely known to the public, the marketplace is the right tool to increase sales. As well as being a means to make people aware of your online store presence. So make sure every product you put on the marketplace always makes potential buyers open your website.

Basically, the marketplace has a function that is not much different from social media. Promote the products you sell without having to shell out big funds. To then make consumers more familiar with your online store.

7. Find an assistant if needed

This may already be the next stage of the online business that you are doing. But there is nothing wrong if it has started to prepare early. So that your business can keep running fast without obstacles.

An assistant will be needed when your online business has started running, even running. You won’t possibly be able to get over all the trivia of business. Starting from promoting goods, taking orders, packing, to receiving customer complaints. You must need an assistant to help you complete all these tasks.

You can start looking for assistants from people closest to you. Could be a wife, husband, children, or relatives who really have enough free time to help. Of course, professionalism applies in this matter. They must be rewarded for what they have done to help you.

8. Create a new account specifically for business

Many people who start a business, online or offline, often mix up their income in one account. This is precisely what will make it difficult for your business to progress. Because you can’t measure how far the income you get from this online business is.

Therefore, when starting an online business you must immediately open a separate account. Don’t combine it with an account that accepts payroll every month. Or you will be dizzy every month when calculating the income balance.

9. Commitment to your two occupations

One thing that is no less important in starting a business is a high commitment. Even though you have practically spent a lot of time in the office, remain committed to making time for your online business.

Say you have between 8-9 hours of work in the office per day. Well, the time you give to do this online business is 3-4 hours a day. But, make sure you do it consistently every day. In fact, the time off on weekends is still used to run this online business. Because the online business continues 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without holidays.

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